Roof Over Our Heads – Building Update

Roof Materials Are Here and  Ready For Mounting. We’re using logs and reeds for the roof. They’ll later be covered with earthen rendering. These natural materials, applied with traditional methods. Will keep the buildings cool in summer yet warm in winter. They were delivered several weeks ago. But the reeds needed time to dry out….


Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Our Sunday lunch visitors, the Hooded Crow or if you want to get technical Corvus cornix They really are quite beautiful and friendly. Some people find their crowing a bit too abrasive but it’s nice to hear them chattering – a nice soundtrack for the day. Oh and if you do come across these birds, it’s…

Saturday Afternoon Marsa Alam Style

Relax and Unwind, lazy Saturday at the Lagoon.     The temperature is 34 degrees celsius, what better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon than relaxing in the Bedouin tent at the lagoon? – Pure peace and tranquility     *Please note the lagoon is part of the National Park Protectorate so please…