A Busy Building Week – Update

Building Update Continued

Here’s a further update, building is moving at a very fast pace,  we aim to complete all the buildings by December.

We’re making significant progress, with the test dome  completed minus a few minor details.

Moreover,  we have started our first single dome chalet which is growing nicely. As well as another Dukhan, well we can’t just have one!

Images above show our Dukhan dome recently completed – just a few finishing touches left.

What about our other buildings?

We’ve made wonderful progress with these too. A few weeks ago we started on the roofs the electric and plumbing.

We’ve since covered most of the exterior roofs with earthen rendering.

This is a natural mix of the sandy earth from the site, clay, straw and of course water.

Cooking Up a Good Earthen Plaster/ Rendering

marsa alam desert retreat
Earthen Plaster being made Egyptian Style

Natural earthen plaster has been made this way for thousands of years here in Egypt. The same formula, mix and method.

The clay, sand, straw and water are mixed together and left in the sun for several days to form a thick plaster.

…..add more Water

As the mix dries and minimizes, more of the ingredients are added until the required consistency and quantity is produced, with no stirring or disturbance.

…and hey presto!

A Natural Earthen Mix Plaster

This stuff is incredible, it can withstand all weathers and is durable enough to last hundreds of years. So we’ll not only be totally weatherproofed, it’s economical too!

Sustainable, practical and without harmful toxins!

The end image shows one of the buildings that has had its walls rendered.

Look how golden the walls are of the last building in the thumbnails above.  Achieved simply by adjusting the mixture used on the roofs.

Earthen Plaster is Truly Amazing

Just by tweaking the quantities of earth with clay or even small amounts of cement or chalk; Or the method used to apply it to the walls, can result in many different textures and an array of colours.

marsa alam desert retreat building update
Thanks to these young men who sift the earth to remove stones and pebbles. None of this would be possible without them!

Expanding the workforce

We’ve had a short break for the national holiday of Eid plus a few extra days off for us all to recharge and replenish our energies.

On 1st September we’ll  increase our team from 20 to 35 people. Hopefully this will enable us to meet our target  completion date of the end of December 2018.

Now that we’ve nailed the dome building technology and decided most of the finishes we are ready to expand the workforce.

A Word of Thanks

It’s not only great to be manifesting my dream. But I am also very thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to be able to contribute to the local economy through building this Retreat.

One of our core values here at Marsa Alam Desert Retreat is to  employ local people both in the building and the running of the place.

Thank you for visiting our site!

Thanks to all our followers for your likes, comments and support.

Please leave any advice, comments or suggestions below. 

Oh…and please subscribe to our mailing list for a regular update if you are interested in following our progress!

Next time – See what we’ve been doing with our floors and windows!







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  1. The buildings look wonderful Isis! and congrats on the unfolding of your dream. The traditional plaster sounds like a great building material. I look forward to seeing more of your progress.

    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      Thanks Brad for your continued support. You really have encouraged and supported us from the very beginning. We really appreciate you!🤗💐

      1. You are most welcome. If I was closer, I would visit!

      2. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

        I am sure you would Brad but hey!….Never say never.😉

  2. I love it and look forward to seeing the finished retreat. Much success to you.

    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      Thanks Debbie🤗💐🌹

  3. Bryan Fagan says:

    Remarkable what you’re doing. Love the pictures.

    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      Thanks Bryan, I appreciate you visiting our site and leaving such a positive comment🙏🏽

  4. Bryan Fagan says:

    You are welcome.

  5. You always have my full support. Keep goin’.

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