The First Eco-Domes Are Being Built in Egypt at Marsa Alam Desert Retreat

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Marsa Alam Desert retreat earthbag building
Engineer M Adley making a test earth mix

Over the coming weeks, we will be starting to build our Earthbag Domes. They are the piéce de résistence of our Spiritual Healing Retreat.

We’re not only building Earthbag Domes for our unique Healing Centre, our guests will also be able to enjoy staying in one of these hand sculpted chalets.

Anyone who’s ever lived or stayed in an earthen building, yet alone a domed one, will tell you what a wonderful experience it is. It truly is spectacular you should definitely try it.

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Earthbag domes, not only look great but are also very sustainable. Made with new or recycled grain bags, earth, barbed wire, water, a shovel and bucket. They have a very low-carbon footprint, require only basic building skills and are ideal for low-income or poor communities. They’ve been used in disaster zones after hurricanes and earthquakes because they are quick, easy to build and require few materials, that was after all, what Nader Khalili had envisioned when he designed them.

Our bags have arrived!

We’ll start building our domes within the next couple weeks, we’re just waiting for the barbed wire to arrive.

Marsa alam desert retreat earthbag domes
Delivery of rolls of polypropelene for building our domes

In case you’re wondering how bags, earth, barbed wire and water can be transformed into a dwelling – check out this time-lapse video of –The first Eco-dome built in Quebec, Canada.

Simple really!

Men, women and even children! Have built these domes in different locations across the world, all inspired by the works of Nader Khalili and the Cal-Earth Institute in California.

For more information on why we chose Earthbag Domes for our Desert Retreat click here.

In the meantime take a look at these wonderful domes that have been built all over the world by survivors of natural disasters, refugees of war and dome lovers alike.

They’re so beautiful! For more information click on the pictures

Earth buildings are not new, they have a very long history and different versions can be found in almost every culture throughout the world.

Click on the pictures for more information

However, it is not only the ancients and people in far and distant places that have used this abundant, precious, mineral laden material to build with, it is still widely used today in adobe and rammed earth homes in places like New Mexico.

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Mexican Adobe New Mexico Home Desert Southwest

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Featured Image Cal-Earth Eco Dome Junoot Oman

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