Try a Full Moon Alignment Meditation Tonight

“I often want to drink a cup of moonlight so that I may calm my heart and soothe my mind.”
― Debasish Mridha

Our Moon is so beautiful!

Our Moon is really beautiful, there’s nothing more outstanding than a Full Moon in a clear sky. Being in tune with nature is all about connecting and harmonizing with it and using it in a productive way to restore our balance. As part of the creation we must resonate with our environment to be our best selves.

Full Flower Moon

marsa alam desert retreat moon meditation

Tonight’s beautiful Full Moon is in Sagittarius so it promises to be a Moon of truth, enlightenment and adventure, so get ready for the year to really begin. But just remember your truth can be comforting but it can also be an uncomfortable bedfellow so be careful not to tread on anyone’s toes.

is also called the Full Flower Moon so get ready for things to blossom in your life. Over the last week or so some of us may have been experiencing shifts in energies as we approach the culmination of the ending of cycle leading up to the full moon, leaving us feeling depleted after experiencing a roller coaster of emotions be it from excitement, exhaustion, exhilaration or just downright despair!

Full Moon Alignment Meditation

So what’s better than harmonizing with nature in a Moon Meditation? Aligning yourself with the calming, soothing energy of the Full Moon and completely submerging yourself in its healing energies. Treat yourself to a date with the Full Moon it does wonders for your spirit, mind and body or at the very least will help you to relax!

marsa alam desert retreat

The desert in Marsa Alam is perfect for Moon Meditations either in a group or by yourself but as with most things it works just fine wherever you are if you set the mood right. So wherever you are in the world tonight, let’s honour this spectacular gift of the universe and take time out to connect with and be at one with Moon energy let’s balance the fire of the sun with the coolness of the Moon.

So Let’s Get Prepared

Find a suitable spot outside after Moonrise (weather permitting) or somewhere where you can at least see the moon. If it’s a cloudy night no problem you will just have to use the power of visualization to help you, the main thing is that it’s a Full Moon and the Moon is here in its splendid glory!

You may also need a pen and paper.

Sit comfortably, preferably on the ground but if you can’t manage this then at least make sure that your feet are firmly on the ground.

Visualise a beam of light coming down from the heavens and beaming into your crown at the top of your head and continuing down to the end of your spine.

Then visualise roots growing down out of the base of your spine if you are sitting on the floor or the soles of your feet

Take 4 deep breaths tense your body on each in breath and release and relax on the out breath. 

Moon Alignment Meditation

Say the following out loudly – not shouting just in a firm assertive voice.

I am Grounded I am Centered

I am bathed in the Divine Light, Divine Power and Divine Love of this Full Moon

This soothing, calming Light illuminates my whole being

I release all tension, doubts and fears

The path before me is clear

I attract only that, which is for my highest good

I am in total harmony and balance with all that there is

Now close your eyes and sit quietly, breathing gently, concentrate on surrounding yourself with the glowing moonlight until you feel at one with the light, and transforming into a glowing orb of light.

Return when you feel ready no problem if you find yourself gone for a long time , the longer the better! But be sure not to force it.

After your meditation it’s a good idea to sit quietly and just listen carefully to the first impressions on your mind, if you have a journal or pen and paper jot these down. It’s also a perfect time to set intentions  for the coming month while you are clear. This particular Full Flower Moon resonates particularly well for things to do with work and career

If you have had a hectic day finish the night off with a soothing flower or herbal bath.


Looking forward to many Moon Alignment Meditations with you here at Marsa Alam Desert Retreat.

In the mean time if you prefer or feel more comfortable with a guided meditation, try Quantum’s guided meditation for this special Full Flower Moon.


Let us know if you try it we’d really love to hear about your experience or anything else you’d like to share about your own particular moon magic!











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  1. Thanks for sharing the Youtube Daily Meditation guide. Lately, I have been sitting outside on a tatami for meditation. I really did enjoy this particular one. Love and light to you.

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