Strengthen your Aura and Improve Your Life

What is the Aura?

The aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds all things, not just humans,animals and plants but everything has an aura. Have you ever noticed the full moon on a clear night? There’s a noticeable rainbow coloured band of light that surrounds it. Or have you seen pictures of the sun? Again it has a beautiful halo of light. Well that’s kind of how your aura looks but remember just as you’re a unique person so is your aura.

In nature under the right conditions we can all see the above but usually we can’t, this is also true about the hue-man aura. Under the right conditions it can be seen, some people even train themselves to see it. But most of us, if not all can perceive or sense the aura of others, it’s a natural inherent protection we’re born with.

Clairvoyants have the natural ability to see auras, it’s oval-shaped and extends from 4 feet to as much as 8 feet away from the physical body. Spiritual and Energy Healers can see it, repair damage to it such as tears and holes and remove negative energy from it.

Everything in the universe is made of light including people. An aura is the light that surrounds our body, it vibrates at a higher frequency which is why we cannot see it with normal vision. Kirlian photographs and other means of capturing pictures of the aura allow everyone to get an idea of what mystics, enlightened ones and healers have seen for millennia.

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Aura Cam 6000 Human Aura Photograph

The Rainbow Bridge

“And God said, ‘This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth”
― Genesis 9:12-1

Auric colours are light just like the colours of the rainbow in fact the aura is sometimes referred to as the ‘human rainbow’. We normally have one or two dominant colours in our aura, it is not static but is a live, vibrating energy field with colours/energy moving in a out of it reflecting our physical, mental, emotional health and spiritual state, this motion can look very similar to how colours interchange in a mood ring.

Ancient civilizations viewed the rainbow as being connected to the Divine

The Greeks believed the Goddess Iris was the personification of the rainbow conveying messages and linking the gods to humanity.

Similarly, some Native American tribes believed the rainbow was a ladder to ascend to another world creating a bridge between the physical and the spiritual.

In Norse mythology it was called Bifrost meaning trembling way or road, which was believed to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Hindus were the first to associate the rainbow colours with the chakras, the seven spinning light vortices that energize our body.

Golden halos are used in art and iconography to symbolize a holy or enlightened person.

It’s no wonder that the aura is also called the Hue-man Rainbow because it is actually the interface between our physical being and the spiritual or light realms.


All sorts of activity goes on in our aura, receiving and emitting vibrations, impulses, information, positive and negative energy; and just like other creatures of the earth, it acts as a sensor that reads people and environments.

Ever felt uncomfortable about a person, room or situation?

uncomfortable andy samberg GIF

Or a strong attraction to someone or something?

That’s your aura feeding your intuition to either embrace or flee!

How lucky we are to have our own inbuilt antenna protecting and guiding us. Things are processed in the aura long before it reaches our brains where we work things out – so don’t ignore those feelings or gut instincts that you get, that’s your aura download!

When people have intense feelings, they can be so strong that they leave an imprint on things or places, talk about leaving a bad smell in a place, a strong negative aura can leave a far worst impression. Some people have even mistaken these impressions as hauntings. But equally we probably all have an heirloom or dwelling left by a loved one that makes us feel really good.

The aura is one of the most powerful gifts we are granted by the universe, it guides and protects us, provides a blueprint for life determined by its dominant colour and is with us for eternity. But it is also very fragile and just like our bodies we need to protect nourish and strengthen it.

There are obvious things we can do to protect it from negative influences such as visualizing surrounding our aura with light or wearing protective amulets and crystals. But what most of us fail to do, is to protect ourselves from negative energy embodied in;

People and Relationships – Negative words and behaviour of people manifests as negative energy, we should avoid exposing ourselves to these types of interactions.

Energy exchanges – With negative people or those with low weak energy can be draining at the very least and at worst can damage your aura. Click here for more information.

Intimate encounters where energy is exchanged (including casual sex) with a person who has negative energies or attachments can ‘infect’ your aura.

Even exchanging energy in conversation with some people can be a drain on the aura if the exchange is not balanced. Ever walked away from a debate or argument feeling drained, maybe with a slight headache? You’ve been drained!

People who intentionally or unintentionally drain others are referred to as ‘energy vampires. If you notice yourself feeling tired or yawning a lot when speaking to someone this is a clear sign that you are being drained. You can either visualize a defense mechanism of your choice and continue to speak or to simply end the interaction.

Thoughts – Are real, whether our own or others’ and they manifest into matter click here for more information. Positive thoughts promote well-being and positive feelings. Negative thoughts create negativity and dis-ease. Avoid at all costs.

Places – It’s difficult in today’s world to avoid all negative places, cities and some work places are amongst some of the most negative environments. But spending time in nature and participating in uplifting activities can redress the imbalance and raise your vibrations.

Ingested Substances – Substance abuse is definitely a no, no for Auric health. Drugs, prescription or otherwise, alcohol abuse, smoking and poor diet, all have a negative impact on the aura. If for whatever reason you need to take prescription drugs, after the course of treatment cleanse your system of residual toxins by doing a liver, kidney and colon cleanse. Click here

Check Yourself – Like attracts like! So for optimum Auric health, be mindful of your own behaviour and projections.

All disease without exception starts in the aura and eventually manifests in the physical, by the time we are aware or the symptoms, the conditions has been in the aura for quite sometime.

Take a look at the cues and hues in the aura that I look for when I’m healing

  • Stress and depression in early stages are dark shadows in the aura that eventually turn very dark
  • Pain shows as red and orange shards or flashes
  • Anger as red flashes or bursts of red
  • love and affection as pink and coral clouds
  • Green, blue, violet and gold signify healing is taking place
  • Silver shows protection
  • Bilious green shows up where there is jealousy
  • Yellow appears when a person is optimistic and but also over thinking situations or stressed and anxious
  • Black appears when a person is blocking or blocked
  • White appears when something is not clear or needs to be cleared like fog or in a cloudy sky

These are some my personal cue’s for healing but all healers have their own, guidance and symbols that they follow.

Here are a few of Barbara Brennan’s perceptions of the aura


and C W Leadbeater’s Perception


Read more here

So how can we look after our Aura?

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Image source

We’re all aiming for the clarity of the image on the left. An aura such as the one on the right is a person that is suffering with mental physical and emotional problems, they probably feel heavy and sluggish with confused thoughts and frequently gets into disagreements with others. They are also probably abusing substances.

10 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Aura

  1. Spend quality time in nature, visit a retreat in the desert, the mountains or the countryside or even just even a local nature spot.
  2. Dance in the rain occasionally!


No seriously, water is great for the aura, take therapeutic herbal and salt baths; turn your shower onto full blast and visualize pure light showering you. Swimming is also great.

4. Drink plenty of water. It has often been called ‘liquid light’ but now science has actually made light into water! Click here for more information.

Drinking water strengthens and brings clarity your aura more than anything else you can do. Water is an excellent conductor of spiritual energy. We are spiritual beings in a physical body made of about 70% water, so we need enough water not only to replenish our physical bodies but also to maintain our light in other words to turn water into light!

5. Meditation, Meditation, Meditation and yes Meditation

6. Auric smudging using incense, sage or even visit the Dukhan at our retreat. Smudging clears impurities from the aura.

7. A balanced diet full of colour and organic is best.

8. Avoid drugs and excessive alcohol

9. Exercise and activities such as yoga, tai chi, qigong or even Pilates strengthen your aura.

10 have fun and laughter to raise your vibrations!

Enjoy Christina Ambuyog’s video on how to see the aura. Let us know in the comments below if it works for you?

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  1. Great tips on taking care of our mind body energy.

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    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      🀣🀣🀣 Florida storms, would make quite a picture too! Thanks for sharing your practice with us. Smudging is a great way to clear down all the stuff we pick up daily I love it.🌻

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