The Healing Power of Colour?


Colour is the place where the brain and the universe meet.

Paul Cézanne

Can Colours Really Heal?

Healing with colour also known as Chromotherapy is more a part of our lives than we would care to believe. It is a safe non-invasive therapy that can have remarkable results, which is why our retreat must offer this natural treatment.

Our healing domes will be infused with coloured lights. Combine this with our colour energy healer and it takes healing to the ultimate heights.

Scientific research has shown that colour has the ability to influence our moods to the extent where certain colors make us feel low and depressed whilst others have the opposite effect and can uplift and stimulate us.

We’re are all familiar with common phrases that use color to express feelings and emotions such as ‘feeling blue’ , ‘green with envy’ , and ‘red with rage’ . On the flip side, did you know colour is a great healer? Have you heard of or ever used an infared lamp for pain relief?


What is Colour

Colour doesn’t really exist, it is essentially a small part of the electromagnetic energy in the universe and seeing colour is a clever trick of the brain!

The visible spectrum of colour that we can see is made up seven colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, all the colours that make white light and that we are all familiar with when we see rainbows.

Color Healing
Refraction and Dispersion of Light

The colour receptors in the retinas of our eyes called cones can only detect three colors red, blue and green. The amazing thing is that these three colours are mixed in our brain to create all the beautiful colours we see!

Colour, essentially is light energy and what we see is not only affected by the wavelength but also frequency that light vibrates to. Red at the lower end of the spectrum has the longest wavelength but the lowest vibration or frequency and violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency and vibration at the top of the spectrum.

Marsa alam desert retreat colour healing
Lightwaves and Frequency Spectrum

When light shines on an object some colours reflect off the object and others are absorbed by it. Our eyes only see the colours that are reflected.


So How Can It Be Used for Healing

Colour healing has been used for thousand of years by the Egyptians, Indians and Chinese. The seven colours, that make up light also correspond to the seven colours of our chakras, which are the energy centers for the body and they need to resonate in harmony and balance for our optimum health. The electromagnetic field called the aura that surrounds each of us is also made of light. All illnesses start in the aura and light is one of the best vibrational energies to heal and cleanse the aura. Many illnesses can be stopped in their tracks before they manifest in the physical body.

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Colour Healing
Kirlian Photo: Aura and Chakras
Marsa Alam Desert Retreat
Aura Colour Meanings

There’s a whole area of Psychology dedicated to colour and how it affects us. Hospitals, schools, prisons and interior designers draw on the principles of colour therapy in their decor to relieve stress, to create peaceful environments and spaces conducive to learning or relaxation. Certain colours are known to have specific effects, red raises blood pressure, stimulates anger and passion, whereas other blue reduces blood pressure and calms people down. Green light should never be used around people with cancer or malignant tumours as it promotes growth.

Simple But Effective Measures

Colour vibrations affect us holistically they can be used to promote and restore physical and mental health and balance our emotions and moods. Just by incorporating more colour into our lives we can see dramatic improvement in our health and well-being. Surrounding ourselves with color can have a wonderful psychological effect that energizes and improves our own vibrations and moods. We can all inject some colour into our life by;

  • Decorating and accessorizing with vibrant colors
  • Incorporating colourful crystals into our daily life
  • Dressing in colors of the mood we want to feel and exude
  • Being mindful of the colours that surround us in nature and tuning into those vibrations
  • Using coloured lights to affect our moods – sufferers of SAD syndrome benefit greatly from white light in the winter months.
  • Eating a variety of bright skinned foods can improve our health and vitality.
Marsa -Alam- Desert- Retreat- colour- wheel- healing
Colour Wheel Meanings and Associations

Energy Healing With Color

Energy healers who work with color effectively act as a medium channeling universal ‘White light’ acting as a type of ‘prism’ to refract, disperse and isolate the colored rays of light needed to heal ailments and conditions. The healer focuses the light where it is needed. Some healers are able to do this consciously through visualization whereas others are simply aware of coloured rays flowing through them once they are tuned into the healing frequency.


Those of us with ‘vision’ to see subtle energies can see the different colours surrounding the client or emanating from our hands during the healing session. Most natural healers have auric colours that vibrate on the higher and faster frequencies from green through to violet and so can easily channel these higher frequencies.

What if I Don’t Want to Visit a Healer

Colour is a universal energy and anyone can tap into its remarkable benefits using the power of visualisation. We can all align with the pure Healing white light and use its rays to balance our chakras and to cleanse our aura. You could even simply lie under coloured light and focus with intention where you want healing.

A simple visualization to balance the chakras

If you are unfamiliar with the chakras and their locations, it may be helpful to study the image below for a few minutes before you begin.


Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can play some relaxing music if you like.

Sit in a relaxed position either in a chair or on the floor or you can even lie down if that’s more comfortable and close your eyes.

Practice a relaxation technique that you are familiar with to get you fully relaxed. Or you can try this; tensing your muscles then relaxing them starting with your face and working down through your jaw, shoulders, arms, abdomen and buttocks. Clench your fists tightly and release, finally finishing with curling your toes as tight as you can and release.

  • Take 7 slow deep breaths, inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling completely through the mouth. This inhale and exhalation is repeated for each of the 7 chakras
  • You should start to feel quite relaxed by now.
  • Starting at the base of your spine visualise the colour red, or a red object such as an apple and breathe in deeply through the nose whilst doing so, see red filling that whole region of your body hold for a count of 5 and release the breath
  • Move you attention up to just beneath your navel, visualise the colour orange you can picture the image of an orange to help with colour. Breathe in deeply and see that orange colour filling the whole of that area hold for 5 counts then release the breath.
  • Bring your attention to the area between your navel and the bottom of your ribcage. Visualise a bright vibrant yellow as bright as the sun, breathe in, hold for 5 and see that colour filing your whole abdomen and release.
  • Moving your attention up to just below you breastbone visualise the colour green, a bright apple green and breathe this colour in filling your chest hold and release.
  • Focus next on your neck and breath in deeply the colour blue the shade of the sky on a clear summer’s day fill that whole area hold and release.
  • Concentrate on the area between your eyes on the brow bone and see the deep bluish purple colour of indigo, breathe in deeply fill the whole area with this colour hold and release.
  • Finally turn you attention to the crown of your head and deeply breathe in a violet colour and expand and radiate it around your crown hold, breathe out and release.

Stay in your position for a short while to allow your energy to settle. When you feel ready slowly and gently open your eyes, if you are lying down or sitting on the floor get up gently. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded just rest for a few moments before standing up.

Steven Halpern’s Video is a great starting point to familiarize yourself with your chakra energies.

How do you bring colour into your life? Do you notice the effects that colour has on you or others, please share your experiences with us.

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  1. Wow. Very thorough exploration of color and it’s impact on us. I occasionally do a meditation with colors and often wear clothes based on the color that feels right. I notice the impact from the color of interior spaces too. Thanks for reminding me to use color more consciously.

    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      Thanks Brad, I appreciate your your wonderful comment and for you sharing your wisdom with us.😊

  2. A says:

    Amazing read! I will be trying the visualisation healing. Thank you for your great content.

    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      Thank you, I am sure you will feel the benefit and balance from the healing. How does colour influence your daily life, care to share? 😊

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