Word, Sound, Power!

The Healing Power of Sound!


Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Native Americans, Chinese, Aborigines and the Celts knew of the benefits of using music and sounds for pleasure. They also used sound as part of magic and religious rituals, there is much documented evidence to support this.

What is lesser known, is that sound was used widely in these cultures as a form of medicine to heal or promote healing. Sound Healing is one of the healing modalities that will be on offer at our retreat.

So What Exactly Is Sound Healing and What Are Its Benefits?

It is widely accepted that immediately after the Big Bang light was created and all life ensued from this light. Indeed, biblical scriptures support this idea;

“…and God said let there be light and there was light.”
Genesis 1:3-5 KJV

“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God”
John 1:1 KJV


Contrary to popular belief sound existed before light!

Are words not just a collection of sounds “and the word was with God.” So, early scriptures confirm that sound was a precursor to light.

Scientific research has also established that in the first moment of creation, spacetime was created, a super force that combined all the four forces of nature.

The first force to split from this super force was gravity. Creating a universe that was incredibly small, even smaller than an electron and very dense with energy not matter.

The gravitational waves started ripples through spacetime and created density waves, known as the first primordial sound. Hindus and Buddhist call this “the OM of creation.”

OM symbol is found in ancient manuscripts and adorn ancient temples and Spiritual retreats

Is Sound Healing the same as Vibrational Healing?

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Healing Sound

According to the law of physics everything in the universe without exception vibrates at the sub atomic level and makes a sound whether it can be heard or not. Sound is the result of vibration, so yes, vibrational healing and sound healing are one of the same thing.

The word resonance is used a lot these days particularly in new age circles, it merely refers to whether something is in tune with a vibration or frequency, be it on the spiritual, mental or physical level. We also hear a lot about ‘vibes’ be it good or bad again this refers to the vibrations emitted from people or things.

Each part of us vibrates to its own frequency but in harmony and balance with the whole. When we are in good health our Spirit Mind and Body works like a well-tuned instrument. However, when stressed, ill or impacted negatively by environmental factors we become out of tune.

Sound is a potent healer and like other forms of vibrational healing, restores harmonic resonance to Spirit, Mind and Body. It works on the subtle energy vibrations of the body and reverberates and expands through the, energy meridians aura and the chakras to reset us.


Ancient Man Knew Very Well About the Magical Healing Power of Sound

The Aborigines

Are the earliest culture known to use sound to heal broken bones, muscle injuries and all kinds of illnesses using the didgeridoo.

Its enigmatic and powerful sound has been used for over 40,0000 years

Ancient Egyptians

Would chant the ‘Sacred Vowels’ for transformation and magic


The Egyptian priestesses would play the sistra that produced a pleasant jangling sound with lots of ultrasound. They also played the harp which is also a great healing instrument.


Their architects deliberately designed temples and chapels to be reverberant, fully aware of the healing power of acoustic reverberance.

We’ve all heard of the magic word Abracabadra!

Buddhists – chant mantras for healing and spiritual ascension, the repetition of Sanskrit texts allows the voice to penetrate the unconscious mind and words when said with intention and power, can create, manifest and adjust all aspects of the self or others.

Coupled with the wonderful sounds of singing bowls, gongs and cymbals the eastern tradition of sound healing is still well and truly alive!

Native American

Medicine Men and Women chant invocations to assist healing.



Whether you believe this was built by the Celts, the Druid priesthood or some earlier prehistoric people, there is no doubt that this ring of stones have a mystical allure, so it’s not surprising to learn that they also hold an incredible musical quality.


Stonehenge Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England UK


It is believed that people not only came here for religious ceremonies but also for healing, the reverberant sonic sounds created when the special blues stones were struck would have made a great sound bath.

Sound Healing today

Sound healing almost vanished from the western world until the 1930’s when it made a resurgence with the discovery of ultrasound and its medical benefits which include breaking up kidney stones, shrinking tumours and ultrasound imagery.

Sound is a creative force of the universe and a potent and powerful healer, so it’s no wonder that it has regained its place in the foreground, as a leading healing modality which the new age movement and alternative practitioners have embraced.

Many of the ancient traditional forms have resurfaced and people are gaining huge benefits from this gentle, soothing and non-invasive type of healing. Brain entrainment is the basis of modern sound healing, where soothing, calming and repetitive sounds are used to bring the brain into an altered state of consciousness or meditative state.

The introduction of the digital music platform has made Binaural beats, Isochronic and Solfeggio tones widely available in Mp3/4 format so anyone can have access to Sounds that entrain the brain to heal.

Mantras and vocal sounds to balance your chakras


Sound Healing at our retreat will incorporate mix of the old and the new, something for everyone!


Ethereal tones of Crystal Singing bowls and the reverberant sound of Tam tam Gongs will permeate our Meditation Dome restoring harmony and balance.

Our bowls are tuned to corresponding chakra frequencies
Tam tam Gongs

Immerse your senses in wonderful sound baths of Traditional Nubian Isochronic tones, Binaural beats and healing Solfeggio frequencies in our domed healing suite.

Solfeggio Tones

Are a favourite for us and will be used a lot for in our treatments. But what are they?

Solfeggio Frequencies are wonderful, they are frequencies that replenish and balance us. They were used in over 150 Gregorian chants for more information about these ancient and beautiful sounds check out;


Solfeggio frequencies and their corresponding effects work effectively on Spirit, Mind and Body:

174 hz – Foundation of Conscious Evolution
285 hz – Acceleration of Conscious Evolution
396 hz – Liberation of Fear and Guilt *
417 hz – Facilitating Change *
528 hz – Transformation and Miracles *
639 hz – Connecting Relationships *
741 hz – Consciousness Expansion *
852 hz – Awakening Intuition *
963 hz – Transcendence
*The main ones used

Power Thoughts Meditation Club video






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