Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Building Update!

We last posted pictures of our progress in March, look how far we have come now!

Most of the service buildings are up, there’s just the finishing stages to go. It feels really exciting to see things taking shape, knowing that my dream in the desert is manifesting before my eyes!

All the buildings are sustainable and built with local labour we aim to make this project as ‘green’ as possible. The plastering and rendering will be made of an earthen mix, which is not only eco-friendly but also beneficial for health. This is purely coincidental because our plans have been in the making for about four years now but our buildings reflect the current trend for construction design and materials of Wellness Spas and Retreats to support health and well-being.

“But now, through new standards and technologies, building for human health – and a new wellness architecture – will be one of the biggest (and most impactful) future wellness trends. “……………. Global Wellness Summit

Hotels and Wellness retreats are now tapping into ancient techniques such as rammed earth, adobe, sacred geometry, harmonics and mathematical ratios designed for guests to resonate at both the cellular and metaphysical levels, using natural materials, lighting, airflow and vegetation.

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat - Spiritual Retreat Construction

Things look a bit stark at the moment but we’re moving along at a very rapid pace!

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat - Spiritual Retreat Progress

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat - Spiritual Retreat Building

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat - Spiritual Retreat Building

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat - Spiritual Retreat Progress

The bricks used to construct all of these buildings are made locally form gravel sourced from the desert which is binded with a mix of cement and sand from the site.

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Bricks

Plaster samples

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Plaster Samples

So that’s  how far we’ve got with our service buildings, things are moving along nicely. We’ll be starting the earth buildings in the next couple of weeks.


This is what we’re aspiring to;

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat - Earthbag Dome
CalEarth’s Desert Dome

Hopefully we will create something as beautiful. Thanks to the inspiration and guidance of the founder of Cal Earth Nader Khalili.

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Until next time-sending love and light

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