10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Have Energy Healing.

In recent times, there has been a surge of interest in Energy Healing made popular by Reiki, Bio-energy, Pranic and a whole range of other modalities that have been embraced by the New Age Movement (too many to be mention here).

Traditionally called Spiritual Healing, Faith Healing, Hands on Healing or The Healing Touch, the modern New Age Energy Healer has achieved a wider appeal by not being linked to religion or any belief system. Natural-born Healers and Intuitive Healers have always had a special place in antiquity known as Shamans, Holy Men and Women, Priests and Priestesses.  They  still exist today and are as effective as ever but they are not as popular as other widely marketed and commercialized types of New Age practitioners.

There are those who refute the claims of healers and their clients, who testify to the ability of Energy Healing to support recovery from illnesses and relieve pain; or completely cure diseases and other conditions. Nonetheless, Energy Healing today, is a respected, credible Alternative and Complimentary Health Therapy, so much so, that medical professionals refer patients to Energy Healers. So why do people still view it as faddish or quackery?

What Is Energy Healing?

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Everything in the universe is made of energy and all beings have their own unique energy field. Energy Healing is the restoration of health through manipulation of an individuals’ energy field in order to re-establish harmony and balance. This energy comes from a higher, creative force known as God, The source, Chi, Prana, Cosmic Energy, Angels etc.

The healer can be compared to a pair of car jump or booster leads and  energy is channeled through the healer, who acts a conduit for Source Energy when linked to the energy field of a body.  The energy field  is comprised of the Aura, Chakras, Meridians and the body itself. Energy Healing cleanses, purifies, and restores harmony and balance to the whole system.

Is Healing A Career Choice OR Can Anyone Do It?

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Anyone can be taught to do healing but there are undeniably some who are better at it than others. It’s a bit like playing the piano, some play “chopsticks” and do so very well, while others play Chopin and do so exceptionally well! Naturally gifted healers are usually more effective, and can achieve remarkable results, better than those who have learned the art of healing or have been attuned to a particular energy frequency. You can feel the difference between the two, from the energy they radiate as soon as they start healing.

Here Are The 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Have Energy Healing.

1.      Do You Want To Maintain Good Health?

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All diseases start in the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings, known as the Aura. Natural healers can see or sense imbalances or changes in the Aura before it manifests in the mind or body as disease.  A healer can easily sweep away blockages or repair the aura before the imbalance or negativity manifests as ill health.  Some people  opt to have regular therapeutic sessions of healing, just to maintain good health.

2.      Do You Want To Relax Like You’ve Never Relaxed Before?

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Energy Healing is deeply relaxing, the more relaxed you become, the more effectively your body is able to heal. However, how deeply, depends on the ability of the healer and how receptive you are to the energy. Some people become so relaxed that they enter a ‘deep sleep’ or trance like state which is a very positive response.

3.      How About A Complete Mind Body And Spirit Detox?

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Energy Healing detoxifies your whole  system, it doesn’t just focus on ailments presented, the healer may not even touch the affected area. It can even be done remotely, and is equally as effective. After healing, some people may experience a ‘healing crisis,’

“It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from detoxification reactions when they begin a program of natural healing.  This is classically referred to as a healing crisis and occurs when the body is expelling toxins into the different systems of the body.  The healing crisis is a normal process that toxic individuals will often encounter on their path to getting well.”

For more information, click here.

A healing crisis can last up to a week and may manifest physically; as rashes, spots, increased pain, swelling tiredness etc; mentally, as depression, anxiety; or emotionally ranging from ecstasy to sadness.

4.      Do You Want To Ease Pain And Stiffness?

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Healing Energy removes ‘frozen’ or stagnant energy that causes inflammation, pain, stiffness and discomfort. People have noted movement in joints that were previously stiff and reduced muscle pain immediately after a session. For some people it can take longer to feel results and they may need more than a few sessions. Results vary depending on how long the condition has existed, the lifestyle of the individual and the ability of the healer.

5.      Want A Holistic Approach to health Or Just To Treat Symptoms?

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This type of healing is not limited to any specific type of illness or condition, anyone can benefit from Energy Healing. People suffering with addictions, stress and anxiety show remarkable improvement when they start having healing sessions. Others have improved their fertility by having regular healing sessions, even animals and plants respond positively to it!

6.      Are You Tired of Intrusive and Toxic Medical Treatment?

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Healing does not disturb the natural balance of our energy field, rather, it works in harmony with it. It’s painless, relaxing and doesn’t require any special tools or instruments. You don’t even need to undress to receive it. Sessions generally last between 30 to 45 minutes although some healers can do quick adjustments with just a single touch!

7.     Want Clearer Thinking And Focus?

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People find that, once pain and discomfort are alleviated through healing, they can focus their minds better and think clearer instead of being preoccupied with the suffering caused by their debilitating conditions and disturbed sleeping patterns.

8.    Have Freedom From Taking Prescription Drugs.

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The improvement of health and greater sense of well-being leads to a reduction or complete lack of need to take prescribed medicines that have many, and sometimes dangerous side effects. Some Energy healers are also Naturopaths and can give advice on nutrition, and herbal remedies, or they can refer you to practitioners of alternative medicine.

9.   Do You Want A Spiritually Uplifting Experience?

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Recipients of this natural healing describe it as a very relaxing, almost other-worldly experience. They report feeling different but pleasant sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling, and pulsating waves of energy flowing through their bodies. Some say they feel weightless, and are conscious of their body gently swaying, as the energy courses through their energy field. Many people get set on the path of spiritual development after experiencing healing.

10.  Surely You Want to Improve Your Health and Fitness?

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People who adopt energy healing as their preferred modality for maintaining good health, experience a wonderful transformation of their lives, feeling as though a spark has been ignited within them. The experience gives them a renewed zest for life. This, combined with good nutrition, exercise, meditation, relaxing activities and spending quality time in a natural environment, results in a healthy, balanced, harmonious life.

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There are very few, if any limitations to Energy Healing, as it restores health and vitality to your ‘best’ self. People who have had particularly invasive surgery, and those born with genetic conditions may see limited results, but they will still gain from feeling revitalised, re-energized, and ultimately benefit from better health. As with any form of traditional treatment, there are charlatans who prey on the suffering of others, so word of mouth and recommendation is the best way to find a good healer.

Energy healing has many good benefits but ultimately it’s down  personal choice whether or not to try it. However one thing that’s guaranteed is that it won’t make you feel any worse but it can make you feel a lot better!





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    2. I LOVE your blog. I’m so glad I found it. I’m a healer (Laying on of Hands Healing). I’ve been doing it for several years now. Thank you for sharing.

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        You’re very welcome Debbie and thank you for your very kind comment, great to have you on board. Keep up the Healing, the world needs this precious gift. Thanks for following. Blessings 🙏

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  4. I have a few friends who are energy healers (various modalities). I find them to be the most uplifting people to spend time with generally, whether they are healing or not.

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      Yes I agree, energy healers do have great presence and radiance.

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