How Our Natural Treatments Once Benefited The Pharoahs

Treatments that date back to the time of the Pharoahs to recharge and revitalise you.

Treatments that have been used for thousands of years and that are still used locally in modern day egypt. Combine with our vision of health and healing.

‘I woke up one Saturday morning in April 2009, I knew I was awake because I could hear the birds chirping and could see the rays of sunshine beaming through the gaps in the blinds.

I felt an unnatural stillness in the room as though time had stood still. Within a flash I was teleported to another time and place. I found myself in a dome with crystals glistening  around me. 

A bright light filled the room and gentle breeze brushed over my body. The experience ended as suddenly as it had started.

I felt a tremendous sense of peace, calm and upliftment, I got out of bed that morning on a quest to replicate that healing experience and feeling for others.’

Isis Warner……..Marsa Alam Desert Retreat

Treatments we offer

At our healing centre we offer a wide range of natural treatment and therapies to restore balance and harmony to spirit, mind and body.

With something for everyone, our treatment programs are all natural and holistic. Our retreat gives you space, peace and tranquillity to help recharge, revitalise your energies and to heal. Particularly if you are feeling the effects of ‘burnout’.

We pride ourselves on using the arts of the ancient Egyptians and invoking the traditions and practices that date all the way back to the Pharaonic times.

Energy Healing

energy healing

 An energy field surrounds you, commonly known as your aura; absorbing and reflecting energy – so why would not want to ensure that you’re only surrounded by positive and clean vibes?

Our naturally gifted, intuitive energy healer will help make this dream a reality by using various modalities of energy healing that specifically address individual needs.

Energy healing has a long history and tradition. There are many variants of it in the world today, the most common of these being Reiki.

It summons the use of healing vibrations and frequencies to clear any negative energy or blockages, physically, mentally and emotionally to leave you with good health and feeling re-energized.

Energy healing isn’t just advocated by those who believe in it’s natural healing powers, science has also proven that this type of alternative medicine can alleviate pain and stress thus making energy healing  an extremely effective, curative force.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

This type of healing is fantastic to align your chakras, balance your aura and heal physical ailments, enabling adjustments to help you radiate good health and positive vibes.



A team of highly trained masseurs specialising in traditional Egyptian massage will use our own magic blend of oils from temple texts to relieve you of pain and stress as well as offering lymphatic drainage to help with other ailments and chakra alignment.

Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

To help cleanse and aid circulation whilst eliminating all those nasty toxins.

Therapeutic Baths


Using a combination of herbs, flowers, salts and essences, this relaxing method truly purifies and cleanses.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Achieve perfect harmony through the use of music, sounds and rhythmic beats.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy

Open up your mind with the beauty of lights and crystal domes.

Dry Cupping

dry cuppin

Traditionally called Hijama it improves circulation, and when combined with olive and essential oils, can also give a stimulating massage.

Dukhan Smoke Room Treatment 

Smoke Room

Experience body and Auric smudging in our traditional Dukhan treatment dome. Banish toxins, treat your skin and relieve painful muscles and joints and balance your lower chakras with ancient incense blends.

Aromatic incenses of sandalwood, kyphi – the incense of the Gods, our signature chakra blends and acacia wood will leave you feeling truly cleansed, purified and uplifted.

Here is Bodytoxing Luton’s version of an ancient practice.

How do we know these are Ancient Egyptian Treatments?

In terms of energy healing, there is still a type of Reiki performed today called Shekhem that has a very high vibration it uses Egyptian symbols and it’s name is derived from the goddess Shekmet.

She was seen as one of the most powerful figures and the protector of light and energy. She helps through journeys of transformations and with the beauty of rebirth.

Shamanic Egyptian healing captures the vibration of this energy to restore health.

Temple Of Healing.jpg

The priesthood of Shekmet practiced energy healing.

Temple of Dendera

The famous healing temple of Dendera shows evidence that some of the holistic treatments that we are offering were also were applied to restore health and happiness in Pharonic Egypt.

It’s also very well known that the ancient Egyptians were at the forefront of medicine and throughout the ancient world they were praised for their unique and inventive approach to medicine.

People would come to Egypt both for healing and to learn medicine. Egyptians were renowned for looking after themselves and for being some of the most beautiful and physically fit people in the ancient world.

Kemet – Land of the Pharoahs

Maras alam desert retreat how ourvtreatments benefited the pharoahs

In ancient times Egypt had an entirely different name. It was known as K’MT (Khemet).

It was a buzzing enterprise that created a whole culture of people who were discovering and innovating many ways in which we can look after ourselves and improve our lives.

Ancient Egyptians are behind so many of the energy healing methods used today and it’s on their ‘magical’ or spiritual practices that our treatments are based.


Influences from sudan

Our Desert Retreat is located not far from the border of Sudan, the culture amongst the tribes here reflect that of the ancient traditions and have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Pyramids K'mt

Pyramids of Meroe North Sudan – Pharonic Sudan (k’mt)

Some of their fascinating traditions and rich culture has remained unchanged since the days of the Pharaohs.

Many of the perfumes, oils, herbs, incense and spices along with traditional, spiritual beliefs are still widely used today and folk medicine and is still prevalent.

In addition to the traditional Egyptian therapies of the south, we will also be providing;

A Salt Room


Relax in our salt room with Egyptian rock salt from Siwa for 45 minutes and you will immediately feel the difference. Not only is it beneficial for respiratory conditions, allergies and skin ailments but it’s perfect to help you de-stress and to clean the aura.



The art of mindful meditation is something that has a lot of powerful benefits on the spirit, mind and body.

Whether you are part of a group or by yourself, mindful meditation is a wonderful way to start your day.

Imagine rising with the sun with a deep morning meditation or ending your day meditating under the stars all in the silence of the desert.

If you a peaceful escape is what you’re after and mindful meditation is your thing, then desert is perfect for you.

Yoga & Kemetic Yoga


Not a widely known fact but did you know that yoga was practiced in ancient Egypt? Just look at the image above. Today it is called kemetic yoga.

Kemetic yoga as well as other disciplines of yoga such as Hata and Yin Yoga are part of our yoga for health and enlightenment are part of our programme.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life

This amazingly insightful experience is offered by special request and will allow you to delve deeper into yourself than you’ve ever been before.

Meridian Psychotherapy is also available to release blockages in a natural way through the mind-body connection.



Progressing through our healing suite with the array of different treatments and therapies on offer you’ll find yourself feeling;

  • lighter and brighter
  • recharged and revitalised
  • renewed harmony and balance
  • cleansed and purified in spirit, mind and body

* Detox programmes are available tailored to meet individual needs

A brighter healthier version of yourself

Our retreat gives your inner and outer self the time and attention it needs to heal, so you’re ready to emerge with renewed vigour to face your daily challenges!

Each treatment that has been mentioned above will be spoken about in more depth as our journey progresses and it would be amazing if you would follow us on our journey.

Not only will this blog continue to post about the development of the desert retreat, but we’ll also delve more into the benefits of retreating to the desert.

We’ll discuss the traditions and culture that has developed in Egypt in it’s proximity at the crossroads of the world.

As well as the benefits of therapies used in our retreat and their origins and reflect upon the diverse culture of this breathtakingly beautiful country.

What is your favourite healing modality, please share your thoughts and comments below?




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