Marsa Alam Desert Retreat is being built right now! 

 2018- Marsa Alam Desert Retreat is being built

Our Spiritual Healing Retreat is finally being built in Marsa Alam, Egypt. After living on tenterhooks for the past 3 years at last we’ve acquired our dream site in November 2017.

We are proud to share with you the pictures of Marsa Alam Desert Retreat building progress so far.

We laid the ground in December but started building on 3rd January 2018.



Below are a few pictures of the site before we began work. It’s a lovely picturesque site with great views of the desert and the sea in the distance.

A vast space making it the perfect location for our desert retreat.

Building Phases

Phase 1 includes building brick service buildings.  Earthbag buildings will subsequently be completed in phase 2. So more about that in our next post.


The 3 building  phases:

  1. Reception, Restaurant, Beauty & Massage Pavilions, Salt rooms and Therapeutic Baths
  2. Healing Centre, Guest chalets, Oriental Tent and Shops
  3. Stables, Farm Buildings, Camel Park and Bedouin Tents

This is an Eco-friendly project, using local labour and local sustainable resources.

Hence, our desert retreat is the first Eco Spiritual Healing Retreat in Marsa Alam and even in Egypt!

Everyone here is super excited about the project, and especially about the new building techniques that we’ve introduced to the area.

So take a look at pictures of our progress so far

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Digger in action
Groundbreaking news! Digger in action
Marsa Alam Desert Retreat surveying the land
Surveying the land
Marsa Alam Desert Retreat moving and dumping the earth
Moving and dumping the earth

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat laying the bricks and foundations for the reception
Laying the bricks and foundations for the reception

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Teamwork

Marsa Alam Desert Retreat Men at work
Men at work

You can clearly see this place is amazing but quite honestly pictures don’t do it justice!


We’re employing local builders and labour to contribute to the local economy and to make this a real eco-build project.

All helping to manifest my dream in the desert. So I am eternally grateful to all involved with this project.

Marsa Alam Trivia 

According to historians Marsa Alam had the first ever Emerald Mines in the world. Consequently, for some time it was the only source of Emeralds for the Ancient Romans.

You can still see ruins of an early Roman settlement, including these ancient mines, are located in, Wadi Gemel National Park South of Marsa Alam. Trips to the park leave daily

If you are interested in coming to the retreat email us at:

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