First Blog Post: Marsa Alam More Than a Seaside Town 


Marsa Alam is one of the hidden gems of Egypt.

More peaceful than its famous counterparts Cairo and Hurghada. The beauty of Marsa Alam will evoke your interest as there is plenty here to see and do.

Because it’s still a relatively quiet location with very few hotels dotted along the coast line, it’s still a natural holiday haven for eco-travellers; or anyone wanting a holiday off the beaten track.

marsa alam desert retreat more than a seaside town

It stretches from about 100 kilometers north of the town to 200 kilometers south just before Berenice.

The landscape in Marsa Alam is wonderful

The meandering bays of the Red Sea are to the east; and throughout the day the kaleidoscopic effect, of the myriad of changing colours of the desert landscapes to  the west.

When you drive along the coastal road of Marsa Alam you’re treated to an array of views and changing terrain


You will be mesmerised by Marsa Alam’s spellbinding views, just watching the transformation of the desert.

Captivating and filled with mystery and sensual vibrations. So that your spirit feels drawn to its inner depths which in themselves hold a mysterious allure.

The beauty of Marsa Alam’s Desert

Marsa Alam desert is perfect for hiking and trekking. It’s so vast with an array of different landscapes. An inner desire to explore will overwhelm you. So much so, that you will be reluctant to leave.

During your quest you will climb the highest heights, walk or run across sandy or rocky terrain but will do so in a manner that’s barely noticeable.

The lightness and calm in the air will calm your senses and ease physical and mental tensions.

Amazing Physical Effects

If you’re looking to improve your physique and fitness? Then trekking and hiking in Marsa Alam desert is perfect for toning up and losing weight.

I lost 6 kilos in 6 months from just walking in the desert. I love the desert and my desire to explore made my hikes extremely enjoyable.

Being free from pollution the desert quickly energizes and refreshes you

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  1. The Marsa Alam Desert is beautiful! I haven’t traveled overseas yet but this is definitely a place I would like to visit!

    1. Marsa Alam Desert Retreat says:

      It really is beautiful and would you believe the pictures don’t do the place real justice! The atomosphere is absolutely amazing! Whenever you choose to come you’re welcome. Contact us at anytime if you need help or information! You have a pretty cool site too keep blogging!😊

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